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Corporate Development

PartnerLinQ Expands Supply Chain Solutions Framework with ECGrid

[Cranbury, NJ], [Marina del Rey, CA] [July 27, 2021] – Supply chain business connectivity iPaas solution PartnerLinQ has announced a significant expansion of “Visionet VAN” to its EDI and Supply Chain Connectivity offerings. PartnerLinQ has selected ECGrid Network service of

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EDI Heros

Leading B2B/EDI Networks Collaborate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Joint Press Release Leading B2B/EDI Networks Collaborate to Quickly Enable Ford Ventilator Vendor Supply Chain to assist in the U.S. fight against COVID-19 deaths Marina del Rey, CA & Deerfield, IL — May 21, 2020 [updated: May 28, 2020]

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Target/ECGrid Holiday Hotline

Loren Data Provides Peace of Mind to Target Vendors Season’s Greetings! During this crucial holiday season, Loren Data is proud to announce a Target/ECGrid Holiday Hotline for all Target vendors. Target Corporation’s new EDI VAN and AS2 communications partner, Loren

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Retailer Summit – Agenda

Here is the agenda for the Retailer Summit sponsored by Loren Data and hosted by X12 at the Trimester Meeting in Pittsburgh on September 26, 2017. If you want to add to the discussion, please share your ideas by commenting

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X.400 – EDI into Europe

Back in the early 80s, some folks had an idea for global e-mail…no these were not the same folks who were working on the Internet. What these folks delivered in 1984 was the first version of X.400. Never heard of

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CEO's Letter

The New Era of EDI – Post 3/4/2014

Since I entered in the EDI industry in 1996, I have not seen a more promising time to be in this market. The GXS era was an unfortunate disruption to the natural growth of a networked market; however, under the

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There Will Be No Disruption

OpenText has agreed to continue exchanging data with Loren Data and has rescinded the disconnection. The ability to set up new partnerships will resume immediately and data will continue to flow uninterrupted. Link to OpenText Notice Industry and Customer First

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