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The Future is BRIGHT for EDI, Just ask ChatGPT

We asked ChatGPT the following question: What is the future of electronic data interchange?
The response couldn’t be more aligned with what we believe and understand as the mission for folks like us in the Supply Chain Connectivity space.

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Corporate Development

PartnerLinQ Expands Supply Chain Solutions Framework with ECGrid

[Cranbury, NJ], [Marina del Rey, CA] [July 27, 2021] – Supply chain business connectivity iPaas solution PartnerLinQ has announced a significant expansion of “Visionet VAN” to its EDI and Supply Chain Connectivity offerings. PartnerLinQ has selected ECGrid Network service of

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Press Release

Loren Data expands UK Partnership with First B2B

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marina del Rey, CA – May 17, 2021 – Loren Data Corp. (, a leader in B2B messaging platform technology, today announced the expansion of its partnership with First B2B Limited, a UK based EDI solutions provider,

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Magazines & Journals

Loren Data Talks Value of EDI in B2B Commerce

In Defense of the Legacy Technology of EDI Todd Gould, CEO is quoted in article on the place of EDI in B2B commerce and payments modernization. “EDI is at the core” of B2B commerce and payments modernization, [said] Gould.

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2020 Vision Free Electronic Commerce Webinars

Todd Gould and Tony D’Angelo will be presenting a free Fall series of 30 minute webinars: Loren Data 2020 Vision. Save the dates for [updated dates]: Exploring API for EDI – past – on YouTube soon! Next Generation Standards –

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