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The Crucial Role of EDI in E-Commerce

ECGrid is fortunate to serve and work alongside many Solution Providers who excel in their domain, allowing businesses to streamline communications with their suppliers and customers. One such Provider is GraceBlood, who recently published this insightful piece on the important

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Loren Data Talks Value of EDI in B2B Commerce

In Defense of the Legacy Technology of EDI Todd Gould, CEO is quoted in article on the place of EDI in B2B commerce and payments modernization. “EDI is at the core” of B2B commerce and payments modernization, [said] Gould.

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CEO's Letter

Ringing in e2019

2018 was a mixed year for retail and cCommerce: bankruptcies, acquisitions, consolidations, spin-offs, etc. Add in interest rate hikes, trade wars, and a stock market in a tailspin, it seems that the compass is pointing in all directions at one

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The Art & Science Behind eCommerce

With millions of transactions continuously flowing behind the scenes, Loren Data employs many methods of making sure the system is functioning at all nines. One key tool for ECGrid is the instrumentation of our code, allowing us to follow key

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Tis the Season for eCommerce

Each year, more and more of our holiday purchases are done on-line, kicking off on Black Friday and continuing through the last guaranteed ground shipping day for Christmas, around the 20th. Right now, we are smack in the middle of the purchasing frenzy.

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