Transformation-as-a-service +
Cloud-Based, Self-Managed Transformation of Business Documents

TaaS+ for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Solution Overview

Transformation-as-a-Service Plus (TaaS+) is a cloud-based solution on the ECGrid network that enables the transformation of any business documents, including EDI.

With TaaS+, MSPs can utilize cloud-based mapping tools to enable their customers’ B2B integrations to their trading partners.

Self-managed and controlled, TaaS+ is a low cost, highly flexible toolset with built-in data validation and a reusable map repository, allowing for faster implementations of B2B transactions for Any-to-Any integrations.

The built-in functionality and drag & drop GUI allows business analysts to easily apply business functions at the system, customer, or trading partner levels.

Eliminate the need for on-premise software and costly infrastructure with TaaS+.

All Documents,
All Systems

  • EDI, CSV, Fixed Length text files
  • X12, EDIFACT and Legacy formats support
  • JSON and XML payloads

Increase Productivity

  • Rapidly build maps with intuitive drag & drop GUI
  • Self-service testing
  • Built-in business functions & cross-reference tables
  • Advanced map processing using C# code

Modern Technology

  • Eliminate need for developer skills
  • Integrate seamlessly with your ECGrid network node via APIs
  • Access to all Developer tools and APIs

Cloud Mapping for Anyone

  • Flexible compliance
  • Data validation
  • Custom scripting
  • Low Code C#
  • Reduce costs and complexity
  • Govern your data based on your business rules

A2A Platform Integration

  • Reusable map repository
  • Cloud Platform Integration
    • Shopify
    • QuickBooks online
    • etc.
  • Direct Application Integration

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