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“We registered online, integrated our systems for sending and receiving EDI in under 1 week with ECGrid’s APIs.”
Steve, Integration Lead

API engine for B2B

EDI and B2B Made Simple with APIs

The days of using arcane proprietary solutions for EDI and B2B process automation have come to an end. ECGrid’s API library allows for rapid direct application access to all our B2B enablement, network management and data exchange services using currently available skills and capabilities already available in your organization and systems.

All Documents, All Protocols, All Partners

  • X12, EDIFACT and Legacy formats support
  • JSON and XML payloads
  • Real-time streaming and in-flight data translation available

Faster On-Boarding

  • Use existing processes and systems to reduce delays
  • Greater visibility in partner performance
  • Track partner status

Modern Technology, Modern Skills

  • Eliminate need for EDI specific skills
  • Use API based data validation and translation
  • Access to all Developer tools and APIs

Your Systems, Your Data

  • Direct integration to WMS, ERP or other back-office systems
  • Single-Sign-on support for provisioning and control
  • Extended alerts and tracking for internal systems and users

Open Library of APIs for All Your Needs

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