EDI Document Specifications

If you are using an EDI Managed Service Provider (maps + VAN), share these EDI specifications with your provider. 

If you are mapping the EDI documents in-house, share the specifications with your mapping team. Click on each document name to view and download the PDF document.

Click each document name to view and download the PDF.

*The 810 Invoice and 846 Inventory Advice can be mapped; however, you must seek confirmation from Shopbop to determine when you should start sending these documents. 

** For the 997 Functional Acknowledgement, use the Industry Standard Map, not Shopbop-specific.

Next Steps

Once the EDI documents have been mapped by your EDI provider per Shopbop’s specifications, send an email to with the subject line: “Ready To Test” and include

We will coordinate sending you a test 850 Purchase Order to ensure proper connectivity before moving to production.

Any questions on this process can be directed to .