Dear Valued Shopbop Vendor,

Shopbop is expanding its EDI program with all vendors. The use of EDI enables us to better achieve our merchandising goals, while facilitating more efficient communication of information between us. EDI automation will result in lower costs, improved order accuracy, and better supply chain visibility for all.

We are looking forward to an improved procurement process through the automation of the following documents over EDI:

    • 850 – Purchase Order

    • 856 – Advance Ship Notice

    • 860 – Purchase Order Notice

    • 810  – Invoice (with Shopbop Accounting approval only)

    • 846 – Inventory Advice (by Shopbop request only)
    • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement

See the official executive communication announcing this initiative:


Read the latest EDI Enablement 90-Day Notice Request

To implement this initiative, Shopbop has partnered with ECGrid by Loren Data Corp., a Tier-1 EDI VAN and experienced leader in omnichannel integration. 

If you have an existing service provider or VAN that interconnects with ECGrid, you may use that provider for data exchange with Shopbop. 

If you do not currently utilize EDI, ECGrid can recommend an economical solution provider for you.

The process to becoming EDI compliant with Shopbop involves a few simple steps that ECGrid will guide you through. We ask that you to begin this process as soon as possible to start reaping the benefits from this automation.

    1. Click the ‘Vendor Profile Form’ button below to provide basic information about your company.

    1. Expect a confirmation email from ECGrid/Loren Data containing important details on your EDI connectivity. The Shopbop EDI specifications to prepare your business documents will be included.

    1. Determine the EDI VAN provider you will use to connect with Shopbop. ECGrid can help if you don’t already have an EDI provider or are looking for a new one.

    1. Test your new documents with ECGrid and Shopbop

    1. Begin sending and receiving EDI documents with Shopbop and enjoy the benefits.

Contact the team at ECGrid/Loren Data with any questions about becoming EDI compliant with Shopbop. .