Question Poseth to Thy ChatGPT

If you’ve been following our content, you’ve heard about Loren Data’s stellar network, ECGrid, our feature-rich portals, and even our outstanding service, which is the subject of many raving customer reviews. We’ve sung the praises of EDI and its benefits for businesses many times over.

As AI technology continues to make headlines, we thought we’d ask our favorite chatbot, ChatGPT, what Shakespeare would say about EDI if he was around today to witness its magic. Here’s an AI insight to EDI.

What is the benefit of electronic data interchange?  Respond as a Shakespearean sonnet.

Oh sweet Electronic Data Interchange,
Thy benefits doth make our lives so bright,
With thee, we send and receive with ease,
Transactions made swift, with no delay in sight.

Through thee, the errors of the past are gone,
No more the need for manual data entry,
Thy process is swift and reliable, anon
And leads to cost savings, that is a certainty.

Thy standardization doth make all clear,
No more confusion or misinterpretation,
With thee, the data is without any fear
Of loss or alteration in transmission.

In short, sweet EDI, thou art a treasure,
With thee, business flows like a leisure.

Todd Gould, CEO

Loren Data Corp.


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