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““Loren Data is driven by innovation and integrity.””
Todd Gould, CEO
Loren Data Corp.


Loren Data has consistently challenged the norms of EDI and B2B eCommerce by empowering businesses to connect and communicate with each other.

We deliver a modern model for B2B eCommerce connectivity that is intuitive, efficient, and cost-effective, allowing all businesses to collaborate on the same level at every step of the supply chain, from order to shipment to invoice through payment.

Loren Data recognizes that different companies have different needs, skills, and budgets – no single provider can serve the entire market. Our mission – to create a platform upon which others can extend and customize, creating a plethora of options, tools, and functions – is the best way we know to meet the needs of the market. Loren Data is where end-users and vendors meet on a level playing field, act together for the better of the industry, and play their part through fair and ethical negotiation and competition.

With its flagship cloud offerings, ECGrid, Community Portals, and Transformation-as-a-Service, Loren Data delivers a world-class, self-service, unified messaging platform for eCommerce Service Providers (ECSPs), SaaS solution providers and large volume Hubs to transact business with trading partners through VANs, other ECSPs, and directly with a single connection.

To fulfill Loren Data’s vision of a vibrant, interconnected, and global eCommerce community, we support open standards, robust competition, and a collegial environment for all that fosters innovation, growth, and prosperity for both vendors and end-users.


From developing a US Air Force procurement system to creating a global message routing platform for Fortune 500 companies and beyond…

Todd Gould officially founded Loren Data Laboratories the day he graduated from UCLA in 1987 as a custom business software development company (prior, TLG Consulting paid for his education). Five years later in 1992, Loren Data Corp. was awarded an Air Force contract to develop the Electronic Commerce Purchasing System – one of the requirements of which was to create an EDI interface with the Department of Defense’s FACNET system.

In the course of this massive undertaking, in 1996 Todd and his team developed the first DoD certified web browser-based EDI system, World-Wide EDI, enabling government contractors to interface directly with FACNET on the supplier side with only a web browser.

After this initial success, Loren Data soon branched out into the commercial EDI market. It quickly became apparent that there was a market problem that needed to be addressed: the rapidly expanding new class of “Internet” VANs and EDI Service Providers needed a robust way to quickly connect to the legacy EDI Value Added Networks and each other. ECGrid was conceived in 1999 and began operation in 2000 as the first and only VAN specifically designed and tooled for these new eCommerce Service Providers (ECSPs).

With constant innovation and operational excellence, Loren Data continuously delivers to ECSPs, and now EDI Hubs, the most comprehensive EDI messaging platform, including the state-of-the-art network (ECGrid), a modern, intuitive user interface, an unparalleled suite of web service API’s, and the highest quality customer service in the industry.



Loren Data is committed to fostering innovation and encouraging innovators to join the EDI market by delivering a modern architecture with a sensible billing model.

Focus is on the community as a whole including network & service providers, software developers, consultants, system integrators and the participant end-user businesses. All parties are interdependent and only by a cooperative, collegial environment can innovation flourish.


We believe that data transmitted between companies is simply that: Data. The ability for companies to maximize the productivity of this data is as individual as each company, itself. A robust market demands robust competition. Multiple providers and multiple options best serve the many growing needs of the end-users.


Evolving eCommerce requires true innovation. Loren Data is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes connect and communicate with all their clients and partners, reliably and securely.