November 2011 Notes

Big congratulations to Radley Corporation ( who went live on ECGrid this month. Established in 1974, with headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, and offices in Grand Rapids, MI, Phoenix, AZ, and Düsseldorf Germany, Radley Corporation provides enterprise-class Productivity Software Solutions and Services.

All of us at Loren Data are excited to be working with the team at Radley and moving the industry to new heights.

ASP Europa of Denmark has launched their WorldVAN offering on ECGrid.

If your Danish business needs to receive an order from an American customer, WorldVAN ASP Europa will handle your data and serve you locally.

Flemming Christian and Jesper Cartensen are leading the charge over there. Welcome aboard!

SuperHubSM is a full-blown multi-tenant communications server running on ECGridOS. We can set it up with your AS2 ID or your customers’ AS2 IDs and provide complete AS2 trading partner and certificate management.

The application side of our AS2 system is now functional! If you are interested in setting up any trading partner connections through the new system, please contact .

Next to be rolled out is the User Interface.

Seems I’ve found my voice and am blogging at more frequently now. Check out the President’s Message and subscribe if you would like to keep abreast of what is going on at Loren Data.

Alan Wilensky is our ECGridOS Evangelist-Savant. If you want to know what his latest thoughts are on the industry and all sorts of goings on, checkout his blog there.

ECGridOS Forums
This is where the ECGridOS Developer community hangs out and where all update, bugs and fixes are listed for ECGridOS. Join now!

ECGridOS v3.0
One huge update to ECGridOS is on the way. Here is a partial list of updates so far:

  • Changes to AS2Info Class Object
  • Added AS2Find()
  • Added AS2Info() & AS2InfoEx()
  • Addition of GISBInfo Class Object
  • Added GISBFind()
  • Added GISBInfo() & GISBInfoEx()
  • Added ParcelSetMailbagControlID()
  • Added ParcelUploadExA()
  • Added ParcelUpdateStatus()
  • Added ParcelUpdateLocalStatus()
  • Added MailboxDescription()
  • Added MailboxUse()
  • Added CallBack URL support
  • MoveTPEx() now allows move if session user has sufficient rights to ECGridID being moved.
  • KeySet(), KeyGet(): New feature for saving and recalling persistent data attached to any object in the system. Includes visibility filters, expirations, etc.

More details are to follow soon. Make sure you are participating at



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