Loren Data Launches New Portal

Loren Data Launches New Portal with Advanced Visibility and B2B Onboarding Support


Marina del Rey, CA – September 13, 2021 – Loren Data Corp. (LD.com), a leader in B2B eCommerce communications technology, announced today that they have introduced a new user interface for their clients.

“Enabling secure transaction management and real-time administration of our customers’ trading communities is a central tenet of the new ECGrid Portal”, said Crystal Kuczynski, VP of Customer Success at Loren Data Corp. “During our development, we have worked directly with many of our partners and customers to collaborate on a customer experience which allows rich visibility and self-service tools to rapidly enable new connections and new trading partners and ensure the right experience for our users. Foundational eCommerce was a key partner in this project.” 

“Loren Data has been an integral part of Foundational’s service offerings and a strategic technology partner for many years”, said Brian Eckenrod, the Director of Operations at Foundational eCommerce. “Loren Data’s commitment to their partners and their customer-focused approach to innovation fits perfectly with our values. When offered the opportunity to aid in the design and beta test their new customer portal, we were eager to do so. Loren Data’s willingness to work collaboratively with their customers and partners is a clear driver to our continued partnership. Having our feedback heard and acted upon makes a real difference when it is related to tools you use every day.”

The new portal leverages the core API technologies of ECGrid to provide a holistic view into all production EDI and B2B transactions. The ECGrid dashboard, analytics, and exception-based tools ensure users have the tools to improve resolution times and support their business processes in real-time.

About Loren Data Corp: Loren Data Corp is a leading B2B eCommerce and supply chain automation company, providing innovative, efficient and high-value solutions for businesses to collaborate with an integrated supply chain. With its flagship cloud and web services offerings – ECGrid – Loren Data delivers a world-class, self-service, unified EDI and B2B messaging platform for Managed Service Providers and Global 2000 companies to transact business with their trading partners with rich API support and legacy network connections.

About Foundational e-Business: Foundational e-Business is a Pittsburgh based division of Paragon Consulting, specializing in managed EDI and e-business services. We offer a cost effective and easy to implement managed EDI service, where we act as the outsourced EDI department for our customers. Foundational staff has decades of experience with EDI in various industries, including steel processing, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. Foundational can be reached by email via or by phone at 888-657-2345.

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