Loren Data Launches New Cloud Solution for Partner Network

For Immediate Release – Marina del Rey, CA – April 18, 2023

Loren Data Corp. (LD.com), a leader in B2B messaging platform technology, announced today the introduction of a new tool for their partner network and hub community.

The new cloud-based solution, Transformation-as-a-Service Plus (TaaS+), allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Hubs to utilize cloud-based mapping tools to enable their customers’ B2B integrations with their trading partners.  The new toolset includes a user-friendly drag & drop GUI and eliminates the need for on-premise translation software and costly infrastructure. The Any-to-Any platform also has a reusable map repository, built-in business functions, and self-service testing to allow Managed Services Providers to rapidly implement their customers’ document-sharing needs.

“Our new TaaS+ service is tuned to provide a framework and flexible solution for service providers who would normally not provide EDI managed services to their end-users.”, said Tony D’Angelo, CSO at Loren Data Corp. “In addition, large buying hubs and membership organizations would also benefit, as this cloud-based solution can be used as a replacement or addition to their electronic supply chain management programs to implement trading partners quickly.”

“Mission-critical cloud offerings for supply chains require significant domain expertise and industry knowledge to succeed.  Many service providers today use competitor solutions or roll their own, which requires ongoing development, software updates, and compliance. This distracts them from their core business – providing superior support and operations for their customers”, added Jon Gatrell, CPO at Loren Data Corp.  “TaaS+ reduces the operational burdens and accelerates implementations with a repository of maps to rapidly implement customers and not be held hostage to upgrade cycles and competitor whims.”

Businesses interested in learning more about TaaS+ are invited to contact our team of experts at .


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