Loren Data Is Where the Developers Hang Out

It has been a busy time here, working on all sorts of new features for ECGridOS; and all the hard work is starting to pay off. ECGridOS is where all the next generation EDI developers are coming to hang out!

While the debate continues regarding VANs and their relevance in the market place (ec-bp.org: Do We NEed VANs?), there is never a lack of need for good development tools. As a long time developer myself, I truly appreciate great tools, and my goal is to make sure the ECGridOS is and always will be a great one.

Great new blood is entering into our little community of EDI with big ideas. Just wait to see what comes out of folks like these:

Francis Upton IV, Oakland Software
Steve Redler IV, SR Technology (notice a pattern)
Steve Martin , NetEDI
Bruce Nguyen, CovalentWorks
Scott Phillips, Pinnacle Data Techologies
David Folmsbee Jr. and David Folmsbee Sr., Data Distributors Inc. Edward Dewsnap and Jason Haley, Microliance
Nick Minard, Glassbiller

This is not your grandfather’s EDI. These people are doing deep integration, not this old bolt-on, after the fact EDI Heath Kit stuff. If getting your hands really dirty in code an creating and inventing new technologies and applications gets you excited, then come on over and check us out. I would love to talk with you.


Todd Gould
Loren Data Corp.


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