Loren Data Corp. Launches Innovative Supply Chain Order-to-Cash Process Automation


Marina del Rey, CA — April 4, 2024 — Loren Data Corp., a leader in Supply Chain communication technology, is proud to announce the deployment of its new ECGrid Simplify Data Transformation offering. This cutting-edge e-commerce solution marks a significant advancement in streamlining Order-to-Cash business processes and enhancing efficiency for organizations operating in the digital ecosystem.

We are thrilled to introduce our latest ECGrid Simplify Data Transformation offering, which supports our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in end-to-end supply chain integration, said Todd L Gould, CEO and founder of Loren Data.

Specifically, ECGrid Simplify delivers unparalleled value by providing a library of “plug-and-play” integration maps. These maps empower organizations to extend automation and effortlessly achieve direct application integration with their Business Partners and Vendors. By seamlessly connecting disparate systems and processes, organizations can optimize their Order-to-Cash workflows, reduce manual intervention, and enhance operational agility, significantly benefiting their bottom line.

Furthermore, ECGrid Simplify includes three distinct process packs tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. These process packs not only streamline internal operations but also enable application developers to seamlessly extend similar capabilities to their customers. The three packs include the business documents outlined below:

  • Order-To-Cash: Purchase Order, Advance Shipping Notice, Invoice
  • Extended Order-To-Cash: Purchase Order, Advance Shipping Notice, Invoice, Remittance Advice
  • Advanced Order-To-Cash: Purchase Order, Purchase Order Change, Advance Shipping Notice, Invoice, Remittance Advice

By leveraging the platform’s self-management capabilities, application developers can empower their customers to reduce barriers to implementation and significantly lower overall implementation costs. ECGrid Simplify’s web service and integration adapters, in conjunction with the public library of EDI maps, allow for the rapid rollout of new Supply Chain automation.

Key features of ECGrid Simplify’s data transformation offering include:

  • “Out of the Box” Integration Maps: Pre-built integration maps for effortless automation and direct application integration with Business Partners and Vendors.
  • Customizable Process Packs: Three tailored process packs to meet the unique needs of organizations across different industries.
  • Application Developers: Empowering Independent Software Vendors to extend similar capabilities to their customers and lower implementation costs.
  • Self-Management Capabilities: Easy-to-use platform with self-management capabilities for total control, visibility, and ongoing management.

Loren Data invites application developers and businesses who have successfully implemented EDI to explore the transformative capabilities of its ECGrid Simplify data transformation service and join us in driving innovation and efficiency in the digital ecosystem.

Read the official Press Release here: Loren Data Corp. Launches Innovative Supply Chain Order-to-Cash Process Automation (einpresswire.com)

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About Loren Data Corp.:

Loren Data Corp. is a leading B2B eCommerce and supply chain automation company, providing innovative, efficient, and high-value solutions for businesses to collaborate with an integrated supply chain. With its flagship cloud and web-services offering – ECGrid – Loren Data delivers a world-class, self-service, unified EDI and B2B messaging platform for Managed Service Providers and Global 2000 companies to transact business with their trading partners with rich API support and legacy network connections.


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