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Leading B2B/EDI Networks Collaborate to Quickly Enable Ford Ventilator Vendor Supply Chain to assist in the U.S. fight against COVID-19 deaths

Marina del Rey, CA & Deerfield, IL — May 21, 2020 [updated: May 28, 2020] — Loren Data Corp. and Kleinschmidt, Inc., two of the industry’s leading EDI Networks, today announced that they have successfully connected a strategic Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) vendor, whose products are critical in the manufacture of the ventilators used in the fight against the COVID-19 cases.  President Trump requested that Ford fast-track the manufacture of the ventilators, which required the extremely fast connectivity for the data exchange between IMI Precision Engineering (LSE:IMI) and Ford supply chains.

“We are honored to be part of the talented team that rapidly facilitated the EDI communication needs of Ford and IMI/Norgren,” said Todd Gould, CEO of Loren Data. “We received the connection request from IMI’s managed service provider to make the connection within a few days, which started the collaboration call to others in our B2B Network industry.  And we were able to get this into production within the week. While we normally compete with our friends at Kleinschmidt for connectivity business, this was different…American companies joining together against the global pandemic.” 

“Norgren Inc. began producing ventilator parts for Ford for COVID-19.” said Richard Koseff, CIO Americas Region for Norgren/IMI Precision Engineering. “Our IT challenge was to establish an EDI connection in a very short time, because of the acute need. Dell Boomi (NYSE:DELL) and Loren Data, along with Kleinschmidt, stepped in to help us meet the challenge for free, and got a connection tested and live within 5 days! Dell Boomi and Loren Data were amazing – their teams were responsive and dedicated to getting it done. We appreciate the hard work and willingness to support the country with this critical need.”

“I am extremely proud of the collaborative effort put forth by Kleinschmidt and Loren Data to quickly bridge this EDI gap to enable the manufacturing of such a mission critical item,” said Dan Heinen, CEO of Kleinschmidt. “Business takes a backseat in times like these. Our Doug Anderson received a call from Loren Data’s Tony D’Angelo asking if we could assist, and we said yes without a second thought. Kleinschmidt spent decades supplying the United States government with our communication products in order to keep our soldiers and country safe, and to again be able to contribute our skill and technology in helping to fight the global pandemic is something my company and I are honored to do.”

About Loren Data Corp. 

Founded in 1987, Loren Data Corp. is a leading B2B eCommerce technology company, providing innovative and high-value solutions for businesses to connect up and down their supply chain. With its flagship cloud platform, ECGrid®, Loren Data delivers the world-class, web service-based, unified EDI messaging and translation backbone for EDI developers to transact business in any standard or format, including XML, JSON, UBL, X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOM, VDA, MFT, between enterprises and cloud systems through iPaaS, Legacy VANs, X.400, and direct AS2, AS4, SFTP/FTP, OFTP and other networks and protocols. ECGrid is the preferred EDI platform for Cloud Providers, ISVs, EDI Hubs, and System Integrators, that seamlessly connects tens of thousands of large and small trading partners with each other and major partners including Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and hundreds of thousands more.  For more information, visit www.LD.com.

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About Kleinschmidt, Inc. 

Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, Kleinschmidt builds and supports custom electronic data interchange and B2B data integration solutions that enable firms of all sizes to exchange crucial business data with any trading partner imaginable. Kleinschmidt’s complex integration capabilities span all data formats, business systems and industries, with full support for legacy and emerging technologies. With over 40 years of experience in EDI and business data exchange, the roots of today’s Kleinschmidt can be traced back more than a century through an extensive history of pioneering telecommunications hardware and technologies.  Learn more at www.Kleinschmidt.com 

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