Innovation Strikes Again at Loren Data

Innovation continues to be at the forefront of our roadmap, including new offerings for direct users and partners using our tools to service their own customers.

We all know of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), but have you heard of Transformation-as-a-Service (TaaS)? EDI Service Providers are highly encouraged to read on…

ECGrid, our backbone communications network, has a little secret – an avenue for EDI Service Providers to expand their portfolio and revenue possibilities without additional infrastructure investment. 

What is TaaS?

Transformation-as-a-Service (TaaS) is a platform directly integrated with the ECGrid network that provides any-to-any digital transformation solutions. Unlike managed services, this is a toolset that allows EDI Service Providers to assist their customers with their EDI needs. 

Loren Data offers 2 different flavors of TaaS:

TaaS Developers’ Edition

Our Python-based framework hosts developer maps and the processing engine (complete with EDI standards) in our cloud while allowing full flexibility to build business processes around the transformation.  With this platform, developers can still interact with our vast suite of API calls while maintaining their autonomy and allowing them to focus on their customers’ business needs.

If you have developers and prefer to build your own integration platform, then the Developer’s edition is for you!

TaaS+ Cloud

If you want a hosted environment that doesn’t require a team of developers, you’ll love TaaS+ Cloud.

Our new TaaS+ platform is hosted in the cloud with an any-to-any drag-and-drop mapping tool.  Just like the ECGrid network, we tailored our TaaS+ product to be self-service so EDI Service Providers can easily enable their customers’ B2B integrations with their trading partners. Of course, Loren Data’s experienced customer support team is available for assistance where needed, and with the drag-and-drop mapping tool and built-in functions, TaaS+ users have full control over their customers’ transformations without the overhead and maintenance of on-premise software. 

“Our new TaaS+ service is tuned to provide a framework and flexible solution for service providers who would normally not provide EDI managed services to their end-users.”, said Tony D’Angelo, CSO at Loren Data Corp. “In addition, large buying hubs and membership organizations would also benefit, as this cloud-based solution can be used as a replacement or addition to their electronic supply chain management programs to implement trading partners quickly.”

“TaaS+ reduces the operational burdens and accelerates implementations with a repository of maps to rapidly implement customers and not be held hostage to upgrade cycles and competitor whims”, adds Jon Gatrell, CPO at Loren Data.

Can TaaS Help You?

Whether you have a team of technical developers or a group of analysts focused on applying business functions, either of our Transformation-as-a-Service platforms provides a low-cost way for Service Providers to expand their offering to attract more customers and bring in additional revenue, all with the backing of Loren Data’s renowned infrastructure and customer support.

Read more about our transformation solutions in the technologies section of our website and reach out to our team of experts at any time to learn more about TaaS or TaaS+.

Michelle Jacobson

VP of Applications & Customer Experience


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