Happy Birthday to the ECGrid Portal!

While Loren Data has been reliably servicing the EDI industry for decades, our innovative ECGrid portal interface just had a birthday! It has been one year since ECGrid sunset our legacy portal and launched our current user interface. Before we started designing the new ECGrid portal, getting our customers’ input, feedback, and suggestions was essential. Ensuring feature continuity between interfaces was merely the starting point. Since the initial launch a year ago, user feedback and industry best practices have inspired even more features and we focused specifically on self-enablement.

ECGrid customers enjoy unparalleled self-service features, including but not limited to:

  • Dashboard analytics and metrics – “at a glance” and editable
  • Instantaneous setup of EDI IDs and partnerships
  • Ability to add Users within their organization to their portal interface
  • Access to set up and test connections, including AS2, SFTP/FTPS, X.400, and more
  • Reports on demand, including billing, transaction, and mailbox-specific reports
  • Walmart and Amazon – DIY enablement, including certificate management
  • Carbon copy setup and management
  • The ability to provision unlimited mailboxes for Resellers, Service Providers, and Hubs
  • Branding customization options, including the banner logo and color scheme throughout for Resellers, Service Providers, and Hubs
  • Full access to the ECGridOS suite of 250+ API calls

ECGrid customers can access all these features while utilizing the trusted and industry-leading ECGrid network backbone. Our focus will not waver from providing our customers with the most cutting-edge and innovative service and tools in the B2B EDI world.

For decades, Loren Data has been encouraging you to “Become your own VAN!” by choosing ECGrid. Our ECGrid portal interface now makes it easier than ever to do just that!

Crystal Kuczynski

VP, Solutions


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