From Support Analyst to Product Visionary: A 20-Year Journey at Loren Data

At Loren Data Corp., we believe in fostering a culture that empowers individuals to thrive alongside the organization. This month, we celebrate a remarkable example of that synergy: Crystal Kuczynski’s well-deserved promotion to Senior Vice President of Product Management.

Crystal’s journey at Loren Data began two decades ago. Her infectious enthusiasm and technical skills quickly made her a key player.

Over the years, Crystal’s dedication and talent saw her navigate various roles, from the frontlines of the support team for our flagship product to spearheading critical user experience initiatives and product development. Notably, Crystal’s commitment extended beyond the borders of the US. When her military family made its way to Europe and Asia, Crystal embraced the challenge and continued her professional journey with Loren Data, expanding its staff presence to new grounds. This dedication to growth exemplifies the spirit of Loren Data: a company built on innovation and a willingness to go the extra mile.

“Crystal’s dedication and vision have been instrumental in shaping Loren Data into the industry leader it is today,” says Todd L Gould, CEO of Loren Data Corp. “It is an honor to be part of someone’s career adventure.”

Crystal’s promotion to Senior VP of Product Management is a testament to her leadership qualities and strategic thinking. She is a role model for aspiring tech professionals, especially young women, demonstrating that a fulfilling career can be built on passion, hard work, and a commitment to continuous learning.

We sat down with Crystal to chat about her incredible journey:

Q: How has Loren Data empowered your growth over the years?

A: As a military spouse, I have lived in 5 different states and on 3 different continents over my 20 years of working for Loren Data. Loren Data’s flexibility, support, and understanding regarding my changing life circumstances have enabled me to show up in my role confidently and consistently. I’ve had opportunities to take risks and been allowed to fail forward in a way that has allowed me to grow in not just my role, but also in my confidence, skill, and knowledge.

Q: What excites you most about your new role?

A: I’m really looking forward to being more directly involved in the strategy and direction of our products. After working on the Support side of Loren Data for 17 years, I’ve enjoyed spending the last 3 years diving deeper into the inner workings of the product and development side. I feel that knowing both the customer-facing support side of the product as well as the more technical dimensions puts me in the perfect position to find ways to meet the customer’s needs while guiding our product’s direction as this industry evolves.  I’m excited to continue growing as Loren Data grows.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring women in tech?

A: Be open to opportunities. I went to school for Business Management, but a chance meeting led to a career in the EDI industry, which I had never heard of. As it turns out, EDI is the hidden magic behind the scenes, making the world as we know it possible.  

Push through and push forward. As with any career in any industry, there will be times that are difficult, or you don’t hear what you want to hear. Those are the times you need to push yourself even harder.

Accept that this is a career-long process of learning. Technology is ever-evolving and quicker than ever. Spend time every week learning, whether it’s about your industry, technology, market, or career progression.

Be vocal: Don’t be afraid to voice your ideas, concerns, and especially your goals. A good company and manager will be willing to help you meet your goals but don’t expect them to read your mind.

Crystal’s story is a shining example of Loren Data’s commitment to fostering an environment where people matter and talent flourishes. It’s a testament to the power of employee loyalty, empowerment, and a shared passion for innovation. We look forward to seeing the exceptional products and features Crystal will undoubtedly bring to life in her new role! Please join us in congratulating Crystal.


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