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Cloud-Based B2B Data Transformation
Govern your data and ensure data quality with confidence

Transformation-as-a-Service for B2B

No More Proprietary Translators for EDI and B2B

ECGrid’s Transformation-as-a-Service (TaaS) uses Open Source development tools and Python to leverage common skills available throughout today’s workforce.

While legacy data mapping software requires in-house expertise and ongoing upgrades to remain supported, and on-premise software requires costly infrastructure and operational support which can create a burden on IT teams – with ECGrid TaaS those days are gone.

This revolutionary cloud based translation engine uses RESTful API’s and python making EDI just another project your team can do without proprietary skills.

Quickly integrate data from back-office systems to drive your EDI and B2B transactions with Loren Data’s ECGrid Transformation-as-a-Service.

All Documents, All Protocols, All Partners

  • X12, EDIFACT and Legacy formats support
  • JSON and XML payloads
  • Real-time streaming and in-flight data translation available

Increase Developer Productivity

  • Rapidly build maps with intuitive development tools
  • Self-Service deployment and testing
  • Automate secure communications with Community API’s

Modern Technology, Modern Skills

  • Eliminate need for EDI specific skills
  • Use API based data validation and translation
  • Access to all Developer tools and API’s

Cloud Mapping for the Masses

  • Reduce costs and complexity
  • Use TaaS for increase data quality and compliance
  • Govern your data based on your business rules

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