B2X and BPC Met at X12 in Seattle in January

Hello All and Happy New Year!

We hope this finds you well and excited for 2019!  Loren Data was in Seattle for the latest X12 Meeting where Todd Gould was elected to a 3rd term on the X12 Board of Directors.

Keynote addresses were by Todd Albers of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and G. Ken Holman, chairman of the OASIS UBL subcommittee and a recognized XML authority.

Additionally, X12 hosted a face-to-face meeting of the Business Payment Coalition (BPC), headed up by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. One of BPC’s main goals is to make B2B payments a more efficient process from beginning to end.  BPC  members work to achieve this by addressing the issues businesses run into which make it difficult to use electronic forms of payments. This is a truly fantastic opportunity to meet members face to face and discuss real world problems you currently have and discuss how these can be resolved.

BPC also met jointly with X12’s B2X committee to share visions and work products. It was a fruitful event, highlighting the next generation of EDI standards work in North America.

The future is near, get involved!


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