Accelerated Connectivity on the ECGrid Express Lane

The speed of business today can be thrilling and overwhelming. Products are being created, sold, and shipped worldwide at an alarming rate while Retailers continuously look to adorn their shelves and websites with new products. As a result, new Supplier-Distributor-Retailer relationships are established faster and more frequently than ever, with all parties seeking to minimize red tape and increase the speed to market.

Loren Data knows that time is money that cuts into profits. That’s why we developed ECGrid Express, a program that accelerates trading partner connectivity.

Who Can Benefit?

Companies looking to quickly connect to up to 5 trading partners with relatively low monthly transaction volumes can now benefit from Loren Data’s new ECGrid Express program.

ECGrid Express allows EDI-capable businesses with their own in-house EDI translator to onboard the reliable ECGrid network and self-enable connectivity to their trading partners to begin sending and receiving EDI transactions almost immediately. A simple online registration process grants them access to the ultimate communications platform that includes their own portal interface, all of ECGrid’s innovative features, VAN interconnects, and direct connections.

“Supporting EDI can be a challenge for many businesses, especially small suppliers to retailers. The delay in implementation can impact their supplier scores and result in costly chargebacks,” states Loren Data’s CPO, Jon Gatrell. “We developed ECGrid Express so organizations could set up their EDI VAN connection in mere hours to start exchanging data with their trading partners quickly.”

Simple. Self-Managed. Immediate Access.

For a pre-paid annual fee and multiple tiers available, organizations can control their EDI implementation on their terms, budget, and timeline. Qualified businesses can now join the robust ECGrid network backbone faster than ever with ECGrid Express.

For more information or registration, visit ECGrid Express Registration


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