2018 ECGrid Developer’s Program Report: 4Psite

Participants in the ECGridOS Developer’s Program have the opportunity to showcase their ECGridOS integrations. The first in this series is 4Psite, an innovative cloud-based order management system provider.

Since 2005, 4Psite has provided cloud-based operations management capabilities and transparent, integrated EDI services. By integrating ECGrid’s with EGridOS, with interconnections to all VANs and integrated AS2 connectivity, we can provide our customers with very responsive and complete an integration with established trading partners in in as little as one day.

4Psite’s OMS serves e-retailers that are selling on e-stores such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Yahoo, Miva, and more, and are selling on channels like Amazon, eBay, Walmart Marketplace, Walmart DSV, Jet, Houzz, Newegg and more.

4Psite is continuously upgrading and extending the logistics services: The Order Management including, Inventory Management, Drop-Shipping and Warehousing Services. 4Psite strives to provide customers with a dedicated training and support.

By taking advantage of the ECGrid EDI infrastructure and the ECGridOS API, 4Psite has elevated the service to our e-retail customers.

The 4Psite web-based multi-channel Order Management System now is able to serve all sizes of customers in a broader and enhanced Drop-Shipping Services.

4Psite also provides to our customers the operations support via EDI to enable selling on leading retailer’s platforms, such as Lowe’s, Hayneedle, Amazon Vendor and many other platforms.

  • One of our customers, a mid-size retailer, who specializes in Home products, and operates using the 4Psite Central OMS System had the opportunity to work with a large Drop-Shipper, and added lately the EDI over AS2 service by 4Psite, to connect to the Drop-Shipper. 4Psite splits automatically the orders the retailer receives on his store and other channels. The orders are transmitted to the company warehouse and the drop-shippers; including the large Drop-Shipper. This allows our customer’s team to continue and work with the central 4Psite system as usual.
  • In the case of the large Drop-Shipper, the relevant lines on the orders are transmitted via EDI directly from 4Psite. The Drop-Shipper returns via EDI communications the following: The Invoices, Inventory level and the shipping information to 4Psite.
  • Another customer is selling on few leading retailers’ platforms, where his products and pricing is a good match to expand his business in a more profitable way.  Once the customer was connected via EDI to the large stores, he continued to operate on the 4Psite central system as if it is any other channel he sells on. The orders that are captured on the large store are transmitted via EDI to 4Psite to be operated using the system.  4Psite communicates back to the large retailers the following: Order Confirmation, Invoice, Inventory Level, and Shipping Information.

More and more customers realize that they can gain immediate access to sell on leading retailers to grow their business, and on the other hand also to scale their supply chain using large Drop-Shippers that require EDI connectivity.

With ECGrid superb infrastructure and tech support helps to elevate the 4Psite services, while keeping the high level of support that our customers expect from us.

Yochi “Jackie” Erez
4Psite, LLC


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